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Clematis Purple Spider - Clematis alpina Purple Spider - Clematis macropetala Purple Spider. You are here: Home > Pictures and description of Clematis Purple Spider. Clematis 'Purple Spider' -Macropetala hybrid with double flowered flowers. This plant grows to about 3 meter. The flower colour is deep purple. This plant is completely hardy.The flowering period is April - May. Date.

The semi-double nodding bell-shaped blooms are very dark purple, almost black when first open. Requires free draining soil. Clematis macropetela 'Purple Spider' Clematis macropetela 'Purple Spider' Clematis macropetela 'Purple Spider' £11.25. The semi-double nodding bell-shaped blooms are very dark purple, almost black when first open. Powojnik botaniczny ’Purple Spider’ Clematis ’Purple Spider’ A repeated flowering variety. Dark purple, semi-full flowers in the shape of bells. Good for climbing supports: fences, pergolas, walls, as well as on balconies and terraces in large pots. Dark purple flowers. Grows up to 2.5 m. Ornamental multiple fruit in summer and autumn. Clematis 'Purple Spider' Nodding, double, bell-shaped, deep purple flowers. Found growing in the collection of John Fopma, Holland, by Wim Snoeijer. macropetala 'Purple Spider'; alpina 'Purple Spider' Wrongly: heracleifolia 'Purple Spider' Further detail: Flower diameter: 6-8cm. ''Purple Spider'' Name: `Purple Spider` Group: Atragene Group: Colour: dark purple: Flower diameter: 5-6 cm: Flowering time: 4-5: Height: 300 cm: Zone: 5.

Clematis heracleifolia ‘Purple Princess. Clematis macropetala 'Purple Spider' Bosrank. Clematis mandschurica Bosrank. Clematis montana Bosrank, Bergbosrank. Clematis montana 'Alba' Bosrank, Bergbosrank. Clematis montana 'Broughton Star' Bosrank. Clematis montana 'Double Delight' Bosrank. Clematis alpina: Varietà. La clematis alpina e la varietà Siberiana, a lei botanicamente vicina, sono state addomesticate in ragione del loro valore ornamentale: sono stati creati ibridi con la Clematis macropetala e la ochotensis arrivando così ad avere una più ampia gamma di colori.

Für viele haben Spinnen etwas faszinierendes - unsere Clematis 'Purple Spider' hat zwar keine acht Beine, dafür hat sie gefüllte dunkelpurpur bis violette Blütenglocken anzubieten, die einen Durchmesser von 6 - 8 cm erreichen. 'Purple Spider' er sund og hårdfør, og som alle andre clematis kan den lide at stå med fødderne i humusrig jord i skygge og hovedet i fuld sol. Halvskygge er også ok. Clematis kan ikke lide at mangle vand. Pasning Vi gør stort set intet ved vores Clematis 'Purple Spider' udover at nyde blomstringen.

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